Training and Coaching


You want to be more productive, expand your markets, better serve yours customers, offer products or services of a superior quality, innovate, and share the knowledge in order to constantly improve the productivity of your organization.

Our professionals are qualified in training and coaching and will help you develop the abilities of the individuals and groups, thus supporting their training, their improvement, and their development in order to optimize the operation of your organization.


Generate operating economics, increase the effectiveness of the operations and support a better management.

The investment in human resources contributes to the general improvement of the exploitation activities and consequently of the competitiveness and the financial results.

All these elements guide us guide when developing our training and coaching schemes.


  • Continued training
  • Development of the management skills
  • Training in administration, management, education, social sciences, computer sciences, languages, GRH, SST, work relations
  • Specific improvement (e.g.: customer service, English, French)
  • Integration of new employees
  • Management of the succession
  • Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational development


***We are recognized by "Emploi Québec" (Quebec Employment) in the course of the law promoting labor development and training.

Accreditation No.: 0052392


The various trainings offered by GroupeSFP are firmly supported by the theory and qualitative research and are given using advanced animation techniques. Our professional qualified in training and coaching know-how to develop the skills of individuals and groups to optimize the operation of your organization.

"Coaching" is a rigorous and strategic follow-up method of the managers who want to develop to their full potential in order to reach their personal and professional objectives with success and satisfaction.

The coaching improves the quality and the speed of your decision-making process. It represents an exceptional tool to take action. It is the quickest way to develop new skills.

Human Resources Management

  • Introduction to the human resources management (HRM) (0.5 days)
  • HRM in 9 steps (9 half-days and 15 hours of coaching)

Recruitment and selection

  • Targeting and selection of best candidates (0,5 days)
  • Demystify the various psychometric tests (0.5 days)

Output Management

  • Assessment and improvement of the employee's performance (0.5 days)
  • Management of disciplinary actions, discharge, and end of employment
  • Absenteeism management (0.5 days)

Career Management

  • Inject passion in your work environment
  • Identify your leadership style and capitalize on it
  • Management of stress without problems
  • Discover the work preferences and capitalize on it

Labor Law

  • Preparation of the contract of employment
  • Management of psychological harassment cases

Labor Relations

  • Labor standards and human rights
  • Techniques for effective negotiation

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Management of the industrial accidents
  • Accident investigation and analysis
  • Preparation of a hearing before an administrative tribunal
  • Development of a company policy
  • Labor Laws

Management and Administration

  • Meeting management
  • Time and priority management
  • Understanding and using emotional intelligence in management
  • Understanding and giving an excellent customer service
  • Change management
  • Telephone protocol
  • Planning of the succession

Always trying to meet the real objectives of the customers, each of our training is tailored to the particular needs of your organization. Some specific examples and referents that are giving a sense to the shown principles represent guarantees of success and satisfaction with the participants.

*** We are recognized by "Emploi Québec" (Quebec Employment) in the course of the law promoting labor development and training. Accreditation no.: 0052392