Allow your employees to take hold of their life and career projects. Help them detect difficulties and maximize their full potential. The strength of qualified human resources that is aligned with the needs of the organization is a source of profitability, motivation, and commitment.

With the help of assessment techniques and of innovating and adapted assistance relations, our professionals will assist you in bringing the individuals and the organization to make sound decisions and adequate moves.


Target accurately the potentials, the interests, the values, the aptitudes, and the obligations of your personnel. Organizational changes involve layoffs or changes in the staff? Transpose these events into possibilities of beneficial changeovers.

Our career counselors, members of the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d'orientation et des psychoéducateurs et psychoéducatrices du Québec (OCCOPPQ) (Order of career counselors and psychoeducators of Quebec), will guide you through the different steps leading to a professional insertion, the retention in employment, the advancement or any other career steps because of the established methods used.


Are you thinking about hiring a new employee? Perhaps you would like to make his/her development easier within your organization? You would like to know and help yourself better? You would like everybody to find their work fulfilling?

Our specialists will make these decisions easier for you. They will assess an individual regarding his/her whole personality using psychometric tests, some counseling and clinical examination. If required, they will work out instruments tailored to your needs.


  • Career management and reorientation
  • Skill assessment
  • Psychometric tests (interests, values, abilities, personality)
  • Assessments (output, competence, potential, knowledge)
  • Methods of occupational integration (CV, portfolio, letters and business cards)
  • Career transition and taking over
  • Educational and career counseling
  • Relocation
  • Exploration of the hidden job market
  • Reclassification committees
  • Expert witness (legal procedure)


"The personnel could meet our expectations and even exceeds our requirements. Our joint efforts contribute to maintain the output and to increase the quality of our company."
Ghislain Bélanger, Vice-President (Avant-Garde Technologies Inc.)